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MYSA Weather Policy


Weather conditions are the responsibility of the game officials, coaches, tournament directors and club administrators. All should be aware of the potential dangers posed by different weather conditions and work together to keep the players and other participants as safe as possible. If the weather conditions warrant, game officials and coaches should discuss before the game starts what the procedures will be to insure the safety of the players. Tournament directors should monitor weather conditions including the warnings and watches issued by the National Weather Service. In the event of sudden changes, the tournament directors should have a means of sending warnings to the site officials. A weather plan should be provided to the participating teams to allow a clear understanding of shelter locations, evacuation plans and how the weather will affect tournament results. Club administrators should perform similar functions for league play.

Technology has improved the monitoring capability for all concerned. Weather radios are relatively inexpensive and provide virtually instant information on alerts, watches and warnings. Lightning detectors can take the guesswork out of how far away lightning is. Cell phones and two-way radios can meet communication requirements to implement weather plans.

Preliminary Concerns
It is strongly recommended that clubs purchase weather radios and have them available for on site monitoring. Lightning detectors are recommended also. Coaches may wish to consider obtaining their own weather radios.

Rec Plus and competitive league play obviously involves travel. Conditions in one location may be very different from another, especially the further apart the two locations are. The coaches are responsible for keeping informed of the weather conditions at home, along their route to the game and at the game site. The coaches are also responsible for communications with the opposing coach and their own team in the event of inclement weather. Discussions between the coaches must provide for common sense to prevail. The Competitive Representative must be informed immediately of any games affected by inclement weather.

Tournament directors should provide participating teams with the weather guidelines for the tournament. Some things to consider are:

  • How are games affected? Is a game complete at the half? Half plus 1 minute? Will subsequent games be shortened?
  • Are refunds available in the event games are cancelled for weather
  • How will standings be determined if some teams' games are cancelled and no time is available to make them up?