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Team Managers

MYSA League Team requirements for check-in:

  • Teams MUST have jersey numbers and pictures entered in Affinity prior to the game or could risk forfeiting the game.
  • Teams should be checked in using their digital player passes. Teams CANNOT use physical printed passes to check-in for MYSA League games and referees should not demand these nor a printed photo roster.
  • Teams should have a mobile device on hand to show digital player passes if the referee crew cannot provide one.

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Club Pass

The objective of a Club Pass is to provide more flexibility to move players among teams based on individual player development and team needs.

  • The Club Pass offers clubs the opportunity to tailor a player's experience based on who they are, not just to which team they’ve been assigned.
  • Player development can be improved by varying the challenges players encounter at any given time, as opposed to locking a player onto one team for an entire season or year with limited play up opportunities.
  • Players are still registered to teams, but the rule allows for up to 5 players to be “club passed” in any game for which they are age-eligible.


  1. Know all your club contacts: President, Registrar, Field Coordinator, Referee Assignor/Coordinator.
  2. Know your district Member Rep and Competitive Rep.
  3. Always call your opponent a few days prior to the scheduled date to confirm game time, location, etc. Constant communication is key. If weather creates a question of whether the game is going to be played or not, this could save a lot of unnecessary drive time.
  4. Make yourself easily available (cell phone, email) especially important on game day.
  5. Always have a copy of a list of team members, parents, and other managers in your league including their phone numbers and email addresses.
  6. List of important dates (i.e. registration, tournaments, travel permits).
  7. Directions to fields. If any of the information is incomplete, then contact the manager from the team you are going to play.
  8. Bring your official photo roster to each and every game.
  9. Know the MYSA Weather Policy for heat, cold and lightning, the referee has the final decision on the field.