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Excerpts taken from the MYSA Policies and Rules Manual. Under-15 through Under-17 Competitive Divisions

a. MYSA provides multiple levels of competitive play, with Premier being the most competitive division and Classic 3 the least competitive. Within each competitive division, there may be one or more leagues. The availability of competitive divisions, number of leagues and assignment of teams to those leagues is determined by the Competitive Committee at its discretion.

b. A team that does not have a competitive rating from the preceding summer season is considered a new team.

c. New teams shall be self-select in either Classic 3 or Classic 2. New teams can be placed at a higher competitive division at the discretion of the Competitive Committee.

d. Promotion-Relegation Standards for Classic Leagues
(for promotion–relegation of Premier teams see section 4.5)

  1. Promotion
    • The first-place team in each Classic 2 league is automatically promoted. If two or more teams tie in points for first place, they will all be promoted.
    • Classic 2 teams that score 75 percent or higher of the total number of points possible for their league are automatically promoted to Classic 1.
    • Classic 2 teams that win the Summer State Tournament are automatically promoted.
  2. Relegation
    • The last place team in each Classic 1 league is automatically relegated. If two or more teams tie in points for last place they will all be relegated. The only exception will be if the last place team(s) earn 40 percent or more of the total points for their league; in this case, no team from this league will be relegated.
    • Classic 1 teams that score 25 percent or lower of the total number of points possible for their league are automatically relegated.
    • The Competitive Committee has the absolute right to change a team’s declared competitive division to properly and fairly place teams. At the discretion of the Competitive Committee, a team may be allowed to play at an older playing age than that of the team’s players.

4.5 Premier Leagues NUMBER OF TEAMS
a. Premier leagues will be limited to twelve teams at each age level with two levels of six teams (Tier I and Tier II).
b. Premier leagues will not be formed for ages U14 or younger. INITIAL PLACEMENT IN A PREMIER LEAGUE
a. Qualifying teams will be placed in a Premier league the following summer season at the next highest age group.
b. The Competitive Committee (DOC) will review the leagues’ results and publish a list of the following year’s preliminary qualifying teams by August 1

c. Promotion-Relegation Standards for Premier Leagues

  1. Promotion
    a. U15: To form the initial 12 teams (Tier I and Tier II) of 15U Premier, the following qualifiers would apply in priority from Tier I for first six teams to then cascading into Tier II for remaining positions:
    • All 14U C1 League Champions
    • 14U State Cup Winner
    • 14U Summer State Championship Winner
    • 14U State Cup Runner Up
    • Summer State Championship Runner Up
    • Remaining positions, and others created by duplicate qualifiers above will be filled with the highest finishing C1 League teams (by pool play points and tiebreakers) from the Summer State Championships. In the event teams play an unequal number of games, the procedure set forth in will be used.
    b. U16–U19: Any Vacancy(ies) in the U16 through U19 Premier Leagues Tier I and Tier II will be filled by the same criteria, as in (a) above until twelve teams are identified. The two vacancy(ies) in the U16 through U19 Premier League Tier I will be filled by the two highest finishing teams from Tier II.
  2. Relegation
    a. The last two teams in the Premier League Tier I are automatically relegated into Premier League Tier II.  The bottom two teams in Premier League Tier II are automatically relegated into Classic 1.  All ties in Premier League Standings shall utilize MYSA to solve relations and promotion needs.