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Playing Days

2019 Summer League Playing Nights

The MYSA League Process will create team schedules between May 1 and July 3. Each league flight will be assigned a primary “Playing Night”. Some teams may have a second game in any given week scheduled due to a holiday or State Cup blackout dates.

During the “Team to Team” rescheduling period, teams and clubs who agree, may reschedule games to any day of the season. Unforeseen circumstances may also have games rescheduled during the season.  While games are initially scheduled on playing nights, the final game schedule may be played as teams and clubs need. Managers should refer to the Affinity Team Managers manual for more details. 

Age/Flight Girls Boys
9U Tuesday Wednesday
10U Monday Thursday
11U Classic 1 Thursday Monday
11U Classic 2 Wednesday Tuesday
11U Classic 3 Tuesday Wednesday
12U Classic 1 Monday Thursday
12U Classic 2 Thursday Monday
12U Classic 3 Wednesday Tuesday
13U Classic 1 Tuesday Wednesday
13U Classic 2 Monday Thursday
13U Classic 3 Thursday Monday
14U Classic 1 Wednesday Tuesday
14U Classic 2 Tuesday Wednesday
14U Classic 3 Monday Thursday
15U Classic 1 Thursday Monday
15U Classic 2 Wednesday Tuesday
15U Classic 3 Tuesday Wednesday
16U Classic 1 Monday Thursday
16U Classic 2 Thursday Monday
16U Classic 3 Wednesday Tuesday
17U Classic 1 Tuesday Wednesday
17U Classic 2 Monday Thursday
17U Classic 3 Thursday Monday
18U, 19U or
18U/19 Combined Classic 1
Wednesday Tuesday
18U, 19U or
18U/19 Combined Classic 2
Tuesday Wednesday