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Return to Play FAQs

FAQS Updated June 22, 2020

What is our Return to Play Plan?
We collaborated with Twin Cities Soccer Leagues (TCSL) and Minnesota Amateurs Sports Commission (MASC) to create a Return to Play Plan that is designed to ease our way back into soccer, allowing children to resume some activities outdoors in a safe manner.

When will the next phases begin?
We will continue to abide by all guidelines and restrictions set forth by the government and rely on them to determine which phase is appropriate based on guidance from governmental authorities. Starting June 1, we will begin Phase 2.

Are player or coach registration fees refundable?
No, these fees are non-refundable as we are still providing insurance for them if they participate in Phase 2 or subsequent phases in the future. 

$7.00 basic player registrations (per player)

$8.00 Activation fee  (per competitive player and coach/manager/adult)

$17.00 basic registration fee (per coach/manager/adult)

Phase 3

1. Can my team travel to out-of-state tournaments/events if play is allowed in those cities/states?

MDH has suggested that teams tread carefully and evaluate risk-reward as well as what the current status of virus transmission is in the destination city/state. Long trips with hotel stays, while not prohibited, are not advised.

2. What does the phasing as outlined in Phase 3 mean for the ability for clubs to hold tryouts?

As much as possible, MDH has advised to use the “pod of 25” concept when conducting tryouts. Further, preventative measures as outlined throughout our Return to Play Plan should be implemented. If match competition is a part of tryouts, that is allowed as outlined in Phase 3.

3. Are spectators allowed to attend scrimmages/matches as part of Phase 3?
Yes, but MDH has indicated that spectators should be limited as much as possible. If spectators do attend, it is important to ensure that social distancing amongst spectators is possible and preventative measures (i.e. staggered starts and face masks) take place. Facilities may have their own set of guidelines related to gathering sizes that may dictate what is possible at this stage.

Phase 2

1. How far apart do the training groups have to be?
Per the Minnesota Health Department (MDH) the following space is required:

  • 4 groups per 11v11 field
  • 2 groups per 9v9 field
  • 1 group per 7v7 field

2. Does the coach count in the “10 people or less” requirement?
Yes. The group cannot exceed 10 people regardless if it’s made up of 2 coaches and 8 youth players or 4 coaches and 6 youth players.

3. Can coaches coach multiple training sessions in one night/day?
Yes, provided he/she abides by all the guidelines set forth in each phase. Please note, a coach cannot participate in multiple sessions at one time as that would cause groups to "mix". Coaches can participate in multiple sessions in a row though--the sessions just need to be 30 minutes apart. 

4. My team no longer has 10 players that want to participate in Phase 2 training. Can other teams be combined to create a group of 10 or less people?
Yes, as long as this group continues to train together throughout Phase 2. Minnesota Health Department (MDH) recommendations are to keep the groups the same to avoid too much intermixing or cross contamination.


Will coaches and players be insured by MYSA?
Yes, if all the guidelines were observed in the appropriate phase and if they are registered for 2019-2020.

Will MYSA’s insurance cover COVID-19 related issues?
As long as all the guidelines were met at the time of the issue/incident, MYSA will pass along all claims to the insurance company.

Tournaments & Events

Are all MYSA tournaments and events cancelled this summer?
Yes, this includes State Cup, Presidents Cup, Junior Cup, Summer State Championships and in-person coaching education courses.

If my club has a tournament this summer, will it be sanctioned by MYSA?
Possibly as it depends on which Phase in our Return to Play Plan we are in at the time of your tournament. Tournaments fall under Phase 5 of our plan so if we were to enter that phase by the time of the tournament, it would be sanctioned.

Example: your club has a tournament June 19-21, but we are still in Phase 2 at that time. MYSA will not sanction your event.

My tournament was sanctioned but we had to cancel it. Will we receive a refund?
We will provide a full credit to everyone who could not hold their tournament this spring or summer. The credit can be used towards sanctioning another event this fall or next spring or summer.

My team wants to attend an out-of-town tournament this summer. Will MYSA provide insurance for it?
If we are in Phase 5 at the time of the tournament, we will provide insurance for your out of town tournament. If we are not in Phase 5 yet, we will not insure your team. The Return to Play Phase guidelines must be followed at all times and everywhere in order us to provide insurance.


Will teams or clubs receive a full refund for league fees?
Clubs will hold a credit equal to the dollar amount paid for any team fees remitted in anticipation of the league season. MYSA will apply the credit amounts to team fees incurred for the upcoming 2020-2021 soccer seasons, for the corresponding leagues.

Example: credits held for Minnesota League One teams will be applied to 2020-2021 Minnesota League One team registrations and credits held for Black & Blue teams will be applied to 2020-2021 Black & Blue team registrations. Clubs who have outstanding team fees do not need to pay that portion of their invoice, but also will not be issued credits.


Can clubs hold tryouts?
Assuming the Return to Play plan allows, clubs can offer tryouts in mid to late July—like past years. The formats of tryouts must meet with the Return to Play plan regarding activity and group size. Clubs are encouraged to adjust as needed to meet with the Return to Play Plan.

9U-11U Tryouts: can begin July 16
12U and Older: can begin July 26

Check with your club on exact tryout dates and they can vary.