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2023 Olympic Development Program

Registration for Summer 2023 ODP has been closed.  Details for future ODP sessions will be posted when available.

ODP Overview

US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a great opportunity for players to further improve through playing with and against players from outside of their club, their community, or their state.

ODP continues to be part of a multi-channeled U.S. player pathway that provides young, aspiring players the opportunity to reach higher levels in the game. Players in Minnesota aged ten and older are offered multiple opportunities within ODP to develop in a competitive learning environment, guided by coaches who are focused and committed to aiding the player development process.

Exposure for Players in the Olympic Development Program

Players within the ODP pathway are provided exposure to coaches and scouts from various organizations found within the U.S. soccer ecosystem.

ODP Provides     
  Players Exposure To

Elite Academies:

Private or Professional Academies

Intercollegiate Soccer:

All Divisions of College Soccer

US Youth Soccer or US Soccer:

USYS/USSF Regional or National Teams


 As a player within ODP you will be observed and evaluated by coaches or scouts from private and professional academies. The majority of talent scouts observing ODP events will represent clubs or colleges located throughout the U.S. however, scouts representing clubs from outside of the U.S. are found at regional or national events.

How Does ODP Help Develop Players

How Does ODP          Help  Develop Players


Not just additional time in training but an increased challenge for players as they adapt to a different learning environment


Healthy competition stretches players to improve in training as well as in games and provides feedback directly to each player


Communicating with the player and the player’s club coach to provide feedback for self-regulation and individual improvement


The Minnesota ODP Process

If you are a resident of Minnesota, you are eligible to participate in the Minnesota ODP regardless of the club or league you play in.

  • Players aged 13 – 17 process starts at a State Trial which determines a State Team Pool. Participants from the State Team Pool will then have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the State Team as well as opportunity to attend the ODP Regional Showcase Competition.

Who Should Participate in ODP?

If your son or daughter has a passion for the game, wants to improve, enjoys being challenged, and has the aspiration to achieve a higher level of play, then ODP may be right for them!

ODP isn’t a substitute for club or team training, but it is a supplement to that training. Players who desire to achieve higher levels in the game will benefit greatly by participating fully in both club/team and ODP opportunities.

For More Information
Have a specific question or need more information about ODP based on gender you are interested in?  Please send an email to:

Summer - Fall 2023 ODP Calendar

An updated calendar will be public shortly. To provide a general idea of registration windows and programing the following calendar is provided:

AG* BY+ Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
10-13 2010-2013 N/A Spring Registration Opens for AG 11-12 ODP Begins for AG 11-12 ODP Programming AG 11-12 ODP Programming AG 11-12 N/A
14-16 2007-2009 N/A Registration Opens for AG 13-17 ODP Begins for AG 13-17 ODP Programming AG 13-17 Region II Showcase for AG Teams 13-17 Region II ODP Camp Players TBD
*AG-Age Group +BY- Birth Year
AG* BY+ Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
10-13 2011-2014 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
14-16 2008-2010 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A