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MYSA Coaching Tip o' the Week

By Minnesota Youth Soccer, 05/15/18, 9:15AM CDT


Goalkeeper Mentality

Have you ever coached primarily field players with less thought about what the goalkeepers need? Join the club. Here are a couple specific and subtle examples of how I favored field players, including alternative ways to elevate the experience and performance of the goalkeepers on your team.

Rotation in training: If you have more goalkeepers than the number of goals in an activity you might rotate every time a keeper gets scored on, as if they need this motivation to stop the ball going in the net. By this method the response to conceding is to slink off the field and make way for another keeper, when the response we really want is to recover from a goal and be ready to make the NEXT save. You probably wouldn’t rotate a forward every time they misfired on a shot. Instead of switching on each goal, manage rotations purely by time or rotate after a save instead of a goal.

Finishing training: If you end training with some shooting/finishing activity, don’t always say “Next goal ends it” like I used to. At least some of the time, finish with a save to highlight the GK’s effort and emphasize that the keeper’s success should be recognized by the whole team, in training and not just on matchday.

If you’re interested in honing your skills to serve your goalkeepers, keep in mind these upcoming opportunities:

Note: Level 1 is pre-req; both courses can be done on the weekend.

Thanks for being a coach.

If you have a question or suggestion for a future topic let me know.

Andy Coutts, MYSA Director of Education