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MYSA Coaching Tip o' the Week

By Minnesota Youth Soccer, 04/19/19, 4:30PM CDT


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Coaching in HD

As we’ve gotten used to watching TV in Hi Def, it’s hard to appreciate standard definition. In standard def, the picture isn’t extraordinarily clear because the details within the picture aren’t sharp. This analogy applies to our coaching.

Coaching in HD offers players the most vivid experience, because sharp details make the big picture clearer. In HD, Coach provides some detail during training and gives players opportunities to experience it. This includes the “show me” moment, where players have an immediate chance to incorporate the new details. With sharper details and opportunities for players to try them out, learning can become more visible to both Coach and players.

Standard Def example: Coach says, “You need to have better vision.” Players nod in agreement and continue playing. Improvement isn’t evident.

HD Coaching example: Coach says, “Before the ball is played, check your shoulder to see where the defender is, and check again when the ball is on the way. Now show me.” Player tries it so Coach can track the behavior and re-teach if needed or reinforce if done well. With sharper details the big picture improves.

Thanks for striving to coach HD.

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