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US Youth Soccer National League & Conferences

The US Youth Soccer (USYS) National League is designed for the nation’s top teams in the 13U through 19U boys and girls age groups, offering additional exposure to collegiate, professional and U.S. National Team coaches, as well as highly competitive games. 

The National League is comprised of 13 conferences throughout the nation that offer club-based and team-based competitions. Champions in each conference will advance to the Regional Championship level of the USYS National Championship Series.

In addition to league play, teams are able to participate in the National League Showcase Series  throughout the year.


MYSA belongs to two conferences depending on age group. Within each conference, teams are placed into tiers: Premier I (highest tier), Premier II or First Division.

Participating teams must be highly committed as they are required to travel across the midwest over several weekends during their respective seasons.

Midwest Conference

  • 13U–14U Boys & Girls
  • Boys 15U–19U
  • Fall and Spring seasons

Great Lakes Conference

  • 15U–19U Girls
  • Spring season only for states with fall high school soccer

National League Requirements

Teams who wish to enter National League Conferences are required to be registered with MYSA and played in a previous season (MYSA Fall, MYSA Summer or USYS National League Conference).

National League membership also requires teams take part in the National Championship Series. This means MYSA teams in National Leagues will need to register for the Minnesota State Cup each spring. 

Joining National League

Updated July 1, 2020

Aspiring USYS National League teams may try to enter the league at any age group, however, the application or acceptance process and requirements vary in each age group.

Once teams are accepted into the National League, they will be subject to promotion/relegation between the three tiers: Premier I, Premier II, and First Division.

MYSA teams may play in the National League from 13U Spring-19U Spring. Teams must apply to participate in National League every year 

13U Spring
All teams that wish to play in the National League must participate in a qualifying event mid-October. The top 4 teams from the event will be guaranteed spots in the National League's Midwest Conference and the top team from the event will be guaranteed a spot in Premier I or Premier II. 

14U Fall
Teams interested in participating in the National League in their 14U Fall season must complete an application in June or July. All interested teams must be endorsed by MYSA. Also, the National League requires MYSA to rank these teams based on past performance.

Teams will be accepted and placed in a tier based on their past performance in MYSA leagues, State Cups, and other events. 

Accepted teams will be excused from MYSA's fall league, and will retain their status for the spring season. With the fall season being so short, National League teams will only be required to participate in the National League in the fall, and then in the spring they must play both National League and MYSA league. 

Aspiring National League teams must apply to participate in the spring season. Teams must be endorsed and ranked by MYSA.

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