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Minnesota Futures League


Our Minnesota Futures League is powered by Mayo Clinic and is specifically designed for 11U-12U players transitioning from 9v9 to 11v11. Rosters are fluid and can change the day of competition (if players meet the age requirement), which provides club flexibility in how they challenge and develop their players.


Typically, clubs in Futures will have a pool of players then create game day teams from that pool. Rosters can change for every game thereby giving clubs more autonomy and control over their Zone I players’ development.

Accepted Teams

Clubs must demonstrate that they have a curriculum, facilities, and appropriate staff in order to be accepted into the Futures League. To participate each team is required to pay $350/season. 


Four games will be played during September-October, one optional winter event, and six games will be played during spring/early summer. The year will culminate with all teams competing in the Junior State Cup.

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Standings: BOYS | GIRLS

2019–20 Minnesota Futures League Game Protocols

The following is a guide and expectations of each club participating in the 2019 Fall Minnesota schedule

Coach Conference (48 to 72 Hours prior to match)

Team directors are encouraged to call or email and discuss levels of rosters, and game needs. Visiting team to initiate contact.

Uniform Planning

  • Home teams and visiting teams are designated via schedule.
  • Home teams wear light or white jerseys
  • Home teams should wear, if they own, lighter or white socks
  • Visiting teams wear dark jerseys
  • Visiting teams should wear, if they own, darker or solid-colored socks

Teams should always bring all uniform sets. In the case of a conflict, MYSA rules apply.

Match Day: Pre-Game

  • Field inspection (both teams)
  • Pre-game team introductions (Staff to Staff)
  • The Check-in (Referees) inspection:
  • Check-in by the Referee crew
  • Home team players/coaches should be checked first
  • No need for Passes or Rosters
  • Home team should provide the referees with three game balls. MYSA 9v9 12U rules apply.
  • Request referees use international walk out and teams handshake (sincere)

During the Game

Professional Coaching Standards!

After the Game

  • Handshakes between teams
  • Coaches or managers should report the score in the MYSA Affinity platform

Post-Game Coach Conference

Home team to email or call from offsite