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Minnesota Black & Blue Leagues

Minnesota Black and Blue Leagues are intended for 9U-19U multi-sport or seasonal-committed athletes.  

Black is the higher level league compared to the Blue League. Each season clubs choose which league to enter their teams as there is no promotion/relegation or roster continuity rules in either league.

Teams will be placed in brackets within their chosen Black or Blue league based on their geographic location. Teams will get a schedule and have the ability to reschedule any games.

Black and Blue teams are "traveling soccer" teams that are expected to travel for games. Leagues will be organized by regions to help keep travel time to a reasonable amount. The regions consist of Central, South, Arrowhead, Prairie, Metro, Wisconsin District 9 and Independent regions.

Each team is responsible for providing accurate contact information to MYSA. Only listed team contacts and club officials may communicate with MYSA regarding team, league, and game issues. 

Summer 2022



Summer season typically consists of 10 games. Number of games is ultimately dependent on group size.

 Some teams may have a second game in any given week scheduled due to a holiday or blackout date.

During the “Team-to-team” rescheduling period, teams and clubs who agree, may reschedule games to any day of the season. Unforeseen circumstances may also have games rescheduled during the season.  While games are initially scheduled on weekends, the final game schedule may be played as teams and clubs need. Managers should refer to the Team Manager Manual for more details. 

Helpful Links

Fall Finals

Each fall, MYSA hosts a culminating tournament at the end of the fall league for 11U–15U Black & Blue teams.

9U and 10U teams will compete in a round-robin Festival.

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Summer Championships

Each summer, MYSA hosts the Summer State Championships for 11U-19U Black & Blue teams at the end of the season.

9U and 10U teams will compete in a round-robin Festival.

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