MYSA Referee Academies

[Updated: 12/10/2015]

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association and the State Youth Referee Administrator continue to be committed to raising the quality of soccer participation and officiating in the state of Minnesota. To assist with this effort, MYSA will put together a Referee Academy in your backyard! These Academies will be an educational and fun way to improve referee skills with both classroom instruction and on-the-field experience. Simply fill out the application form and an MYSA official will be in contact with you.

What MYSA will provide:

  • Referee instructors
  • Classroom materials
  • Advertising on MYSA website
  • Administrative assistance

What the club is required to provide:

  • Classroom space/power source
  • Meaningful games to officiate
  • Minimum of 9 referees to attend
  • $300 Bond

Please contact the MYSA office with any questions at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972) or