This section is dedicated solely just for team managers!

This page is to help all managers, both those that are new to the role and those who are “veterans.” It is to help in your duties and responsibilities and your ability to get those accomplished. With quick links to relevant topics, resouces, news and events.

Minnesota Youth Soccer thanks all parents that donate so much time and energy to get kids to practices and games across the state to enjoy the game of soccer!

Team Managers 101

  1. Know all your club contacts: President, Registrar, Field Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Girls/Boys District Rep.
  2. Know all your district contacts: Member Rep, Competitive Rep, Recreation Rep and Age Group Coordinator.
  3. Always call your opponent a few days prior to the scheduled date to confirm game time, location, etc.  Constant communication is key. If weather creates a question of whether the game is going to be played or not, this could save a lot of unnecessary drive time.
  4. Make yourself easily available: home phone, work phone, cell phone, email, especially important on game day.
  5. Always have a copy of a list of team members, parents, and other managers in your league including their phone numbers and email addresses.
  6. List of important dates (i.e. registration, tournaments, travel permits).
  7. Directions to fields can be found on our website. Most, but not all, include addresses or intersection names in order to utilitze mapping sites. If any of the information is incomplete, then contact the manager from the team you are going to play.
  8. Competitive Match Report: Bring this to the game filled out with your roster. Scores are reported via the MYSA website (instructions handed out at mandatory team rep. meeting).
  9. Know the MYSA Weather Policy for heat, cold and lightning, the referee has the final decision on the field.