US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League

[Updated: 12/21/2015]

[excerpt below taken from the MYSA Policies & Rules Manual]

5.0 Midwest Regional League

Midwest teams, boys and girls U13 through U18, are eligible to enter the Midwest Regional Leagues (MRL) based upon guidelines set down by the MRL Commission or governing body. The MRL is comprised of highly competitive teams from all states in US Youth Soccer Region II.

There may be instances where teams compete in the MRL, but do not participate in another MYSA state run league. In the event these teams wish inclusion into MYSA state run leagues, the Competitive Committee will determine league placement. The team roster playing in MRL must match at least 75% of the MYSA league team roster or the club gives up their MYSA slot/status. Competing at the MRL level does not in itself dictate placement into the MYSA Premier Leagues.

Note: MRL consists of three levels: Premier I, Premier II and First Division. Team placement will be decided by the Region II MRL Technical Committee after receiving all applications from each National State Association.

General Overview

The Midwest Regional League (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. The MRL features competition in six Age Groups (U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18) for both Boys and Girls. Two seasons are offered—Fall and Spring. Based on the number of teams in an Age Group, Premier I, Premier II and First Divisions are offered. Teams earn spots in the Premier Divisions by qualifying through their play in MRL competition. Within the Premier and First Divisions, sub-divisions may also be formed. A promotion and relegation system has been adopted ensuring that success on the field results in teams participating at the highest levels of the MRL.

Teams in the Premier Divisions compete for the two Wild Card slots that are available in each age group at the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships. Each year, more than 100 MRL teams participate in the Midwest Regional Championships as either state cup champions or as MRL wild card entries. In essence, the MRL is an extension of elite team competition for US Youth Soccer affiliated teams in Region II situated between the US Youth Soccer National League and the MYSA Premier League.

  • Teams participating in the MRL must have competed in their state association's State Cup during the previous year in order to be eligible.
  • Exception: the U13 Age Group.

A Minnesota team registers via the MRL website using the online application. The Minnesota MRL Committee will review the application to ensure that the information provided online is accurate and correct. The MRL Committee will either approve the application or contact the team administrator. Once the registration deadline closes, each state director of coaching will rank the teams based on the performance of the team and the caliber of players on the roster, this is done by MYSA State Director of Coaching. The MRL Technical Committee (a select group of state coaching directors) will determine which teams will play in the Premier Divisions and First Division. Per MRL rules, a maximum of eight (8) teams per age group per gender may be recommended by each state association to the MRL for each season of play.

Questions may be directed to John Curtis, MYSA Director of Coaching & Player Development 952-252-1686 (800-366-6972) or

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2016 Spring Midwest Regional League Teams (39)

U13 Boys U14 Boys U15 Boys U16 Boys U18 Boys
Sporting St. Croix Fusion Sporting St. Croix Blackhawks* Minn. TwinStars Acad*
Sporting St. Croix Minn. TwinStars West Minneapolis United# Shattuck-St. Mary's
Dakota REV Minneapolis United Dakota REV
Woodbury Blackhawks Sporting St. Croix
Woodbury Edina
Eden Prairie Eden Prairie
U13 Girls U14 Girls U15 Girls U16 Girls U17 Girls U18 Girls
Minn. Thunder Elite Acad 03 Sporting St. Croix Tonka United Minneapolis United# MapleBrook# Shattuck-St. Mary's*
Dakota REV MapleBrook Dakota REV Shattuck-St. Mary's Shattuck-St. Mary's Dakota REV*
Minn. Thunder Elite Acad 02 Woodbury Dakota REV Dakota REV 01#
MapleBrook# Tonka United Dakota REV 02

Note: # denotes teams in the MRL Premier I Division. * denotes teams in the MRL Premier II Division. All other teams are in the MRL First Division.