Why Host or Attend a Seminar?

As a parent or coach, would you like your child/athlete to:

  • Enjoy their participation in soccer more?
  • Be more motivated to play and improve?
  • Have an improved sense of self through competition?

How Can I Receive More Information about PACT?

For more information on PACT or how a club may host a PACT seminar, please contact Ivan Woyno, MYSA Director of Enterprise Development, at 952-252-0226 (800-366-6972) or ivanwoyno@mnyouthsoccer.org.

When/Where are PACT Seminars Offered?

PACT seminars are hosted by member clubs throughout the state in the fall (Aug–Oct) and winter (Jan–Apr) seasons. The two-hour and 15-minute seminars are offered in a casual setting and presented to you by instructors trained and approved by the University of Notre Dame.

Your instructor will use video, a PowerPoint presentation and discussion to deliver the PACT message. You will receive a manual filled with additional materials and references for use as you progress through the soccer year. Your participation in the PACT program will help create the best soccer climate for Minnesota’s youth.