What to expect at evaluations?

We are focused on creating 11v11 game environments during the evaluation process. Evaluators will move players into various positions during this based on a players preferred primary position and potentially positions that may be new to a player that the evaluators believe they may be a good fit for based on the players qualities they have observed. 

During all sessions, parents/observers are not allowed inside the dome or within the fenced perimeter of fields. This is to ensure that we are able to maximize space and create the best environment for the players.

How long are evaluations?

Trials take place over the course of two sessions that are approximately 75-90 minutes each. Players are encouraged to attend both Trial sessions, but if there is a scheduling conflict please email ODP@MNYouthSoccer.org and include Players Name, Gender, Birth Year, Date of Trial Session that will be missed, Conflict (club team event or other). This helps us ensure the player is evaluated at the Trial session that they will be attending.

What if I can't attend either of the Trial dates?

If you are unable to attend either trial session, players may be invited to join the first pool session to be evaluated. If you are unable to attend Trials but are still interested in participating, please email ODP@MNYouthSoccer.org with the players name, birth year, current club, current team (league & division), primary position, secondary position as well as answer "If selected, are you able to commit to attending the Midwest Regional ODP Showcase in Ohio between June 14 - June 16? (Yes or No). 

Who are the evaluators?

The evaluators are Minnesota ODP Staff coaches. The 2024 staff coaches are all college coaches representing over 20 Minnesota and Wisconsin colleges of various college divisions. This years coaching staff list can be found on the website and will be updated throughout the process.

Where do we go when we arrive? 

When you arrive at the facility for every session, please visit the check-in table in front. Players will be checked-in for the session, provided a numbered bib and given instructions as to where to go. 

Parents Meeting:

There will be a brief parents meeting during the second trial session. The meeting will take place in the lobby outside of the dome and will start 30 minutes after the start of the session. Parents will hear from the ODP Director and be able to ask any questions they may have about the program and process.