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Life Time Sport Freedom Cup

MYSA and Life Time Sport Freedom Cup

The Freedom Cup is a uniquely progressive event from MYSA in partnership with Life Time Sport.

The Freedom Cup is a tournament that combines Freedom from the pressure of coaches and parents telling kids what to do and when to do it with Freedom for kids to play and creatively solve their own problems.

The Freedom Cup Semi-Finals and Finals are played:

  • On World Class grass fields at Lifetime Sport, Winter Park in Eden Prairie.
  • With coaches and parents observing from a distance
  • With adult center officials

Event Mission and Guidelines

In this unique event, clubs, spectators and coaches will be asked to let the kids play free from adult influence, free to make their own choices on the field instead of being told what to do throughout a game.

In the preliminary rounds, coaches will only manage the game (substitutions). Parents, family and fans can watch from a distance and keep all comments to themselves. Sincere applause welcome if applied to both teams and all players. No interaction with referees or referee’s assistants will be allowed.

In the semifinals and finals, more freedom for the kids will be granted as coaches will be asked to watch with the parents, from a distance, so the kids are free to play and have fun. This event requires all adults have patience and self-discipline not to say what they think, rather let the players play the game their way.

The Life Time Sport Freedom Cup will be played under MYSA Rules with modifications (Available March 1, 2019).


  • MYSA Boys & Girls teams ages 11U & 12U at the Classic 2 and Classic 3 levels
  • Limited to the first 16 teams who register (per flight)

Cost, Registration and Benefits

  • Cost $100 per team (limited registration)
  • Teams register through their MYSA Affinity Access
  • Awards at Semi-final Rounds


  • Single elimination games with finals and third-place games
  • 9v9 field and game length
  • MYSA Overtime rules

Preliminary rounds at various locations. Teams must be capable of hosting Sunday games and schedule and pay referees.

  • Round of 16: May 5 (opponents drawn April 15)
  • Quarterfinals: May 19 (opponents drawn May 6)
  • Finals: June 1–2
    Semi-finals and Finals with Third Place at the new Lifetime Sport Winter Park