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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that the MYSA office receives, we have built this page. This information is designed to help you get your answer as quickly as possible. If you have a question not listed here and feel it would benefit others, please feel free to email your question to with "FAQ" in the subject line.

Playing Opportunities

Question: I am new to town and want to sign my child up for soccer. How do I do that?
Response: A player must be registered through an MYSA Member club. The MYSA Member Club Directory will allow you to identify clubs that service your community. You may contact the club of your choice directly. Be sure to give the age and gender of your child and some understanding of the competitive level, time commitment, etc. that you are looking for. You may also visit prospective clubs' website for more information.

Question: What are the recreation classifications?
Response: MYSA Members provides Recreation and Recreation Plus programming. Rec teams play soccer within their own community where as Rec-Plus teams can travel and play teams from other communities. Both programs offer greater flexibility than competitive soccer because the club/team creates their own schedule.

Question: What are the competitive classifications?
Response: MYSA provides multiple levels of competitive play, with Premier being the most competitive division followed by Classic 1, Classic 2 and Classic 3 in decreasing order of experience or competitiveness.

Question: What is ODP?
Response: The Minnesota US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a program that offers supplemental training and a competitive opportunity to the best identifiable talent in certain birth years. ODP is not an alternative to club play. All ODP players play for an MYSA club. Teams, or pools, of players are selected within their particular birth years to train together under specially selected age group coaches. Then the strongest identifiable talent for each birth year is invited to attend a US Youth Soccer ODP Regional Showcase and ID camp in June–July to represent Minnesota.

Question: Do you have winter or indoor leagues?
Response: No, MYSA does not currently run or sanction winter or indoor leagues.


Question: How can we start a new club?
Response: Applications for new recreational club affiliation are processed by the MYSA state office on a regular basis. Applications for competitive club affiliation must be received in the MYSA state office on October 1 of each year for participation in the upcoming spring/summer season and by April 1 for the upcoming fall season. For further information and access to application materials, contact Minnesota Youth Soccer at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972) or

Question: What district is my club in?
Response: Minnesota is divided up into administrative districts based on geographical location. You can find out what district your club is in by going to the MYSA Member Club Directory. While each club is placed in only one district, individual teams may be moved to another district to round out a league.

Question: Who is my Member, Competitive or Recreation Representative?
Response: Each district has one Member Representative, two Competitive Representatives (one for the boys and one for the girls) and one Recreation Representative. This information is found on the Committees page.

Question: What does the MYSA player registration fee cover?
Response: The basic $7.00 player registration fee covers player medical insurance, club development & administration, Soccer Times subscription, and U.S. Soccer and US Youth Soccer membership.

Question: How do I get my contact information changed?
Response: Player, coach and manager information is updated by your club Registrar on the Affinity system. Club board member changes on the MYSA website are updated via email to by a club representative.


Question: A field/venue requires proof of insurance before they will let our club practice or play there. What do we need to do?
Response: Submit a completed Liability Insurance Certificate Request. You will receive a certificate in a couple of business days.

Question: My son/daughter was injured at an MYSA event. What can I do?
Response: Submit a completed Insurance Claim form to MYSA. This form is to be completed by parents and club officials. You will then be contacted by Pullen Insurance. You do not need to have all your claims before submitting. Claims should be submitted within 30 days following injury.

Concerns or Complaints

Question: How do I register a complaint about my child's club or coach?
Response: Concerns of this kind are the responsibility of the member club. The complaint or concern should be directed towards the following officials in this order: 1) Team Coach or Team Manager; 2) Coaching Director or Club Administrator; 3) Club President. MYSA would be the last resort if it is impossible to get satisfaction through contact with the club made in the appropriate manner or if MYSA Policies or Rules are violated.

Question: My Competitive Representative is not returning my emails or phone calls. What can I do?
Response: Players, parents or fans should first speak with an official team or club representative (i.e. coach or team manager) who will then contact the MYSA State office at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972) or

Recreation and Recreation Plus

Question: What is the cost of registering players with MYSA?
Response: Rec and Rec-Plus players have a $7.00 per player basic registration fee. In addition, Rec-Plus players pay $8.00 per player for a pass and a team registration fee of $50.00.

Question: Do Recreational players get passes? Do Recreational Plus players get passes?
Response: Rec players do not get passes. Rec-Plus players do get passes once the appropriate information has been submitted to MYSA.

Competitive Leagues

Question: Do the Medical Release forms need to be notarized?
Response: No, Medical Release forms do not need to be notarized for MYSA league play. Some out-of-state or international tournaments may require this as well as the US Youth Soccer Minnesota State Cup.

Question: Whom do I talk to about a league matter (e.g. incorrect reporting of a score, refusal to play, game misconduct, overrostering)?
Response: Concerns relating to league play and administration are best directed through your team coach or manager, your club Registrar or Director of Coaching. Other concerns should be directed to MYSA by a club representative. Individual parents are always asked to direct their concerns through their respective club first, not MYSA.

Game Scoring & Standings

Question: Are the scores and standings reported on the MYSA website official?
Response: No, final official league standings are determined by the Competitive Representatives. If there are challenges to or problems with the scores, only a team manager or coach can communicate with MYSA through that team’s MYSA registration page.

Question: How can I get an incorrect score or standing on the MYSA website changed?
Response: Only a team manager or coach can communicate with MYSA regarding incorrect scores or standings. Communication about scores and standings is initiated through that team’s MYSA registration page

Question: How do I report a forfeit?
Response: Only a team manager or coach can communicate with MYSA regarding a possible forfeit. Forfeits are determined by the respective MYSA Competitive Representative.

Question: Why don't the standings show all of my team's goals and how are standings calculated?
Response: According to MYSA rules, each game is only allowed a 3 goal differential between the winning and losing teams score (goals scored minus goals against equals 3-goals max). Example Score: 6 to 2 = 5 goals for and 2 goals against with a 3-goal difference.

To determine team standing within a league, the following procedures shall be used in sequence:

  • Highest number of points. Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points.
  • Winner of head-to-head competition (this criterion is not used if more than 2 teams are tied).
  • Winner of most games.
  • Goal differential (goals scored minus goals against) in all games, with a maximum of a 3-goal differential per game.
  • Fewest goals allowed.
  • Most goals scored in all games, with a maximum of 3 goals per game.
  • Kicks from the penalty mark.

A forfeit in league play will result in a 3-0 score for the game and counts as a played game.

Red Cards

Question: A player received a red card; how does it get enforced?
Response: When a player receives a red card, the referee will register the card with MYSA and the player will be suspended for at least the next MYSA game. The player does not have to be present at each game they are sitting out. After the suspension has been served, the player’s eligibility will be restored in the registration system and team roster.

Travel Request

Question: Do I need to apply for a Travel Notification for National League (MRL) games?
Response: You do not need to apply for a Travel Notification unless a tournament you are attending is allowing you to count those games towards National League standings.

Question: We're traveling to an out-of-state tournament. How do we get our player passes early?
Response: Team managers or coaches can submit a completed Travel Request from their team registration page. Once approved, you can request printed passes from your club Registrar.


Question: Are sleeveless jerseys allowed?
Response: FIFA recently advised the U.S. Soccer Federation that the previously announced decision regarding the elimination of sleeveless jerseys (International Board Decision 1 of Law 4) has been suspended until it can be reviewed. Accordingly, effective immediately and until further notice:

Referees will have no responsibility for determing the legality of jersey sleeves or for enforcing the provision in Law 4 related to jersey sleeves. Referees are directed not to include in their game reports any information regarding the presence, absence, or altered status of jersey sleeves unless required to do so by the rules of competition under which a particular game is being played. The only concern a referee has with respect to the condition of a player's jersey is safety. Referees are, however, expected to enforce all relevant provisions in the Rules of Competition governing a match, meaning, if a state association, organization, league or tournament has a rule regarding jersey sleeves, that rule should be enforced.

While MYSA does not currently have a rule barring sleeveless jerseys from league play, sanctioned tournaments in and outside of Minnesota may have and will enforce their rules regarding sleeveless uniforms. If you have any questions about this or any other Laws of the Game, please contact the Minnesota State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) at


Question: How do I go about becoming a coach?
Response: If you are one of the many people looking to coach youth soccer within MYSA, helpful hints on how to get connected and involved are located at Coaching Resources. Clubs hire and assign coaches to teams and MYSA supports clubs and individual coaches in providing an optimal experience to youth players.

Question: What types of coaching education are available?
Response: MYSA provides a menu of coaching education options for coaching various age groups and for a variety of coach experience levels, training session plans, videos, and other resources under the Coaching menu on the MYSA website. Coaches also can sign up to receive Coaches Corner, a free bi-monthly e-newsletter with coaching-related news and resources.

Question: Are there minimum standards for coaching with an MYSA club?
Response: MYSA requires coaches to complete an annual background check through their clubs and encourages but does not mandate a coaching certification or license. Be aware that some clubs do have minimum standards for their coaches, so you should check with each club for its policy. MYSA encourages all coaches to seek at least some coaching education and training through their own club offerings, MYSA coaching courses and clinics, the annual MYSA Winter Symposium and PACT (Parents and Coaches Together) seminars.

Question: How can I find out if clubs have coaching openings?
Response: MYSA offers an online Coach Exchange where clubs and coaches can connect with each other. You can also find individual club contact information through the MYSA Member Club Directory.


Question: I would like to become a referee, what do I need to do?
Response: Those interested in becoming a referee need to attend a referee certification clinic hosted by the Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC). Their website with a listing of clinics can be found at

Question: I would like to be certified or re-certified as a referee assignor, what do I need to do?
Response: Those interested in becoming a referee assignor or re-certified as an assignor should attend a referee assignor certification clinic. The Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC) holds the certification clinics. Their website with a listing of clinics can be found at

Question: I am interested in becoming a referee mentor, what do I need to do?
Response: Those interested in becoming referee mentors should contact the Minnesota State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) at

Question: What is the MYSA Weather Policy?
Response: The MYSA Weather Policy provides severe storms, lightning and thunder, hot and cold weather recommendations for ensuring everyone's safety at the soccer field.

Question: I lost my Rule Summary card, where can I get another one?
Response: The MYSA Rule Summary card for Referees can be downloaded from the Referee web page.

Question: I have a question about something that happened at one of the games I was refereeing. Who do I talk to?
Response: You first want to talk to your referee assignor. If they are not able to help you or if you still need additional assistance you can contact the Minnesota State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) at

Question: Does my referee assignor need to be certified for a Jamboree?
Response: Yes, referee assignors must be certified for a Jamboree.