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Referee Background Checks

All Adult Referees Must Pass A Background Check

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MYSA requires that all adult participants complete an annual background check. All member club officials, coaches, team managers and administrators who are at least 18 years old must meet the background check requirements before they can participate in any MYSA-related activities.

Annual Background Checks

Background checks are valid on a calendar year basis (January 1 through December 31).

All adult referees must complete a background check on or after November 1, 2021 in order to be eligible for participation in the spring 2022 or fall 2022 season. Adults must pass the background check before participating in any activities. 

Background Standards

An applicant will be eligible if the background check reveals:

1. "No Records Found" (i.e. no convictions of a criminal nature)
2. Traffic offenses only (i.e. speeding ticket | except as provided below)
3. Petty Misdemeanors only  (i.e. littering)


An applicant may be eligible if the background check reveals:
1. A Misdemeanor conviction or pending case related to financial crimes
2. A Misdemeanor conviction or pending case of Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated or a similar offense
3. A Misdemeanor conviction or pending case of a non-serious nature, which for purposes herein shall specifically exclude crimes involving violence, crimes involving the use of weapons, crimes committed against a minor and crimes of a sexual nature

In these cases, MYSA will investigate the offenses outlined above and render a determination as to the applicant's eligibility. If an applicant is deemed ineligible, the applicant may appeal to MYSA. 


An applicant will be ineligible (unable to participate in any MYSA activities) if the background check reveals:
1. Any conviction or similar disposition (i.e. no contest or plea agreement, including a plea to a lesser offense) of a Gross Misdemeanor or Felony
2. Any pending case involving charges for a Gross Misdemeanor or Felony


If you have technical difficulties completing your background check, use the reference guide or call the technical support hotline at 855-703-2578.