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MYSA Academy Futures League

Spring 2019 Member Clubs

Program Description and Club Outcomes

About the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association Academy Futures League

The MYSA Academy Futures League (AFL) is offered for the 11U and 12U age groups in boys and girls flights of MYSA. Entry into the AFL is limited to MYSA Clubs who meet standards set forth for the AFL.

As a program and league that focuses on club, team and player development, AFL includes coaching education specific to the environment. With this focus in mind, AFL clubs and coaches are held to standards. As the best environment for Zone 1 player development is during training sessions, program clubs utilize year-long training themes, blocks and schedules. All rostered coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers need to meet minimum coaching license requirements and or have high industry expertise.

MYSA Clubs who participate in AFL often provide pathways for teams to participate in higher level, US Youth Soccer regional league and National Cup series competition’s. This includes play in the Midwest Conference, the Minnesota State Cup and the Presidents Cup and eventually into the MYSA Premier Leagues. Participation in AFL is designed to help prepare quality player pools to create higher level 11v11 teams beginning at 13U.

The MYSA Academy Futures League (AFL) is offered for the 11U and 12U age groups in boys and girls flights of MYSA. Entry into the AFL is limited to MYSA Clubs who meet standards set forth for the AFL.

Structure, Format and Events

The AFL offers competition for accepted clubs at the 11U and 12U age group and within an annual soccer calendar. Teams or pools play games as determined and scheduled by the Club Directors of the AFL. Clubs may roster as many players as desired, so long as all participants are age eligible for 12U. This provides a “Club Pass” approach that can strengthen player development and support a competitive game environment that provides players with meaningful games. In all age groups, clubs will be scheduled to play 6–8 play dates in the fall, possible futsal or like indoor competitions in the winter and the 8 to 10 play dates in the May and June season. Clubs in the AFL are also encouraged to participate in the 12U Junior State Cup which is designed to be a cap event in the 12U experience as players prepare to move into the 13U, 11v11 game.

U.S. Soccer Development Academy U-12 Standards

AFL incorporates development standards above and beyond a typical league experience. Beginning in August 1, 2019, the AFL will utilize the competition structure, standards and programming set forth and developed for the U.S. Soccer Development Academy by U.S. Soccer Coaching Education, Talent Identification and Academy Technical Staff.


The focus of each club in the AFL is development while recognizing pressure to win does affect how players and coaches perform. MYSA does not publicly post standings at 10U and 9U. As players mature in “Zone 1”, MYSA appropriately phases in the public posting of league scores and standings at 11U. All scores and standings in the AFL will be posted, including league and cups.

Qualified 13U Entry into US Youth Soccer National League

MYSA approves entry in the US Youth Soccer National Leagues and Midwest Conference. Participation in the fall MYSA season is required for any MYSA team that seeks to play in the 13U US Youth Soccer National League and Midwest Conference Spring Season. Because a major focus of AFL is to prepare clubs to succeed at higher levels of the game, Clubs who participate in AFL receive a higher ranking over non-AFL Club teams seeking entry into the US Youth Soccer National League Conferences.

Benefits to Players

The AFL will not serve most Minnesota soccer players and families. Players commit to a soccer year of AFL. Coaches must meet minimum licensing requirements and participate in MYSA continuing coaching education and therefore will have an expanding knowledge base and will be best equipped to train youth players into the competitive levels for their future. This training and competition model is the highest-level 11U and 12U option in Minnesota. The AFL provides an opportunity for Minnesota players who are serious about development and aspire to play at the highest levels in youth soccer.

Club Selection into the MYSA Academy Futures League

Clubs, not teams, are selected for participation. MYSA considers a club’s structure, player programming, player development, coaching development, and participation in MYSA programs and events. Once accepted into the AFL program, clubs can be renewed after an MYSA annual analysis shows a continued player development structure, club wide coaching development and overall positive MYSA Membership.

Clubs interested in participating in the AFL should contact the MYSA.

Spring 2019 Matchday and Events

Matchday 1 Friday, May 3
Matchday 2 Friday, May 10
12U Junior State Cup Pool Play
12U Junior State Cup Pool Play
12U Junior State Cup Pool Play
Matchday 3 Thursday, May 23
Matchday 4 Thursday, May 30
12U Junior State Cup Semi-finals
12U Junior State Cup Final
Matchday 5 Friday, June 7
Matchday 6 Friday, June 14
Matchday 7 Friday, June 21
Matchday 8 Friday, June 28

MYSA Contacts

Cam Stoltz
Director of League Operations
952-252-0225 |

Chato Alvarado
Director of Coach & Player Administration
952-252-1688 |