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Rec/Rec Plus

[Updated: 6/16/2016]

Recreation Director

David Olson
Phone: 651-235-9091

MYSA Liason

Katie Flakne
Phone: 952-252-0227

MYSA Liason

Ayla Lokkesmoe
Phone: 952-252-1690

MYSA Recreational Program

Recreational soccer is designed to teach players soccer skills, teamwork and sportsmanship in an environment where participation and fun are the focus, not competition. Recreational soccer is a learning program for youth players organized within MYSA Affiliate Member Clubs.

MYSA Affiliate Members may conduct recreational programs for registered players without forming teams. These programs may consist of activities such as player development clinics, training sessions or scrimmages. Players may be divided into groups as appropriate at each session. Recreational teams may participate in MYSA-sponsored recreational festivals.

The General polices for Recreational Play are:

a. The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited;
b. Affiliate Members must accept as participants any and all eligible youth (subject to reasonable terms of registration);
c. A system of rostering players is employed for the purpose of creating a fair or balanced distribution of playing talent among all teams participating; and
d. Each player plays at least ½ of each game except for reasons of injury, illness or discipline.

These can be found in Section 2.0 of the MYSA Policies & Rules Manual.

MYSA Recreation Plus

The MYSA Recreation Plus Program (Rec Plus) wraps itself around the Recreation Program philosophy of participation and fun, but also provides the opportunity for players to compete against other clubs in Rec Plus games, festivals and invitational tournaments. The club sets the schedule and controls travel distances. Rec Plus is a possible transition step to competitive play, since Rec Plus players are allowed to play up on Classic 3 teams. The Rec Plus Program features the flexibility and control of Recreation soccer but without the extensive rules and procedures of MYSA Competitive Play.

General policies for Rec Plus Play can be found in Section 3.0 of the MYSA Policies & Rules Manual.