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Self-Reflection Exercise

What Are Your Reasons for Wanting Your Child to Play Soccer?

You have 100 points TOTAL to allocate. Assign a number of points to each reason based on how strongly you feel about it relative to others. Your TOTAL points must add up to 100.

= Points Remaining
 To be active and healthy
 To develop new skills and improve on them
 To have fun
 To be part of a team and to learn teamwork
 To go to a higher level of competition
 To instill work ethic and discipline
 To increase self-esteem and self-confidence
 To win and achieve results
 To socialize and make friends
 For the excitement and challenge of competition
 To learn to handle winning and losing
= Points Used

Use this exercise to have a conversation with your child to better understand their motivations for participating, and consider revisiting it each season.