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Player Questionnaire

What Are Your Reasons for Playing Soccer?

You have 100 points TOTAL to allocate. Assign a number of points to each reason based on how strongly you feel about it relative to others. Your TOTAL points must add up to 100.

= Points Remaining

 To be active and healthy
 To develop new skills and improve on them
 To have fun
 To be part of a team
 To go to a higher level of competition
 To learn work ethic and discipline
 To increase self-esteem and self-confidence
 To win and achieve results
 To socialize and make friends
 For the excitement and challenge of competition
 Because my parents want me to play
= Points Used  

You can use this exercise in a couple ways. First you can set some goals to achieve the things you want. For each category you assigned points to, you could write down something in your power to do that will help achieve that goal. Also, you can have a conversation with your parents about what motivates you to participate and how you’d like for them to support your participation this season.