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[Updated: 3/26/2015]

MYSA Technical Certificate Course

MYSA Youth "Y" Module—4 hours per module (no prerequisite)

National "F" License—Online Course (no prerequisite)

National "E" License—18 hour course ("F" prerequisite)

Tuition: $200 - Register with MYSA

National “E” License Resources and Pre-Course Assignments:

National "D" License—36 hour course ("E" prerequisite)

Tuition: $350 - Register with MYSA

In 2013, U.S. Soccer made significant changes to the "D" License Course format, explained here:
National "D" License Course Format.

Pre-Course Assignments: "D" Candidate Packet

Session Plan Assistance: “D” Topic Detail Guide

Upgrading from a State "D" or "D" Certificate to a National "D".

National Youth Course

The National Youth Course, a U.S. Soccer course administered by US Youth Soccer, focuses upon the nature of children and then adjustments adults must make to coach them. The course curriculum covers the ages of 4–12 years old.

Eligibility: Candidates must be 18 years old and hold a National “D” License or have the approval of the State Director of Coaching.

For an overview, calendar of courses and required reading, please visit: