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Travel Request

[Updated: 9/08/2016]

Domestic Travel Instructions

A “Travel Request” must be submitted in advance of your team traveling outside the state of Minnesota (exception: traveling extraterritorial/Wisconsin affiliate members and Midwest Regional League). The Travel Request forms are accessed from a team’s MYSA Affinity Account (located on the left hand menu in the Affinity Sports system for MYSA members). Please provide a separate request for each trip or tournament you will participate in outside the MYSA. A $25 payment is required at the time of each request. Requests are approved by the MYSA.

Official Rosters and Guest Players

Once a Travel Request is approved by MYSA, official travel rosters can be printed by the team. Printing of travel rosters should be done in accordance to the tournament or event timelines and prior to travel. This travel roster will show all eligible team members and coaches. Guest players can be used if the event or tournament allows. Please follow those event and tournament instructions when guesting players into your team. MYSA reviews and approves guest player forms if eligible and presented at least 72 hours prior to travel or the tournament event.

Questions may be directed to Cam Stoltz, MYSA League Commissioner, at 952-252-0225 (800-366-6972) or

International Travel Instructions

  1. Submit an online Travel Request and payment (see "Domestic Travel" above). 
  2. Complete all U.S. Soccer forms:
    U.S. Soccer Application for Foreign Travel
    Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act for Foreign Travel

Documents Required for USSF Approval:

  • U.S. Soccer Application for Foreign Travel.
  • Signed Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act for Foreign Travel.
  • Copy of Official brochure, pamphlet, invitation or other applicable material of the tournament or games Host.
  • Copy of Official roster (printed and sent in by MYSA).
  • Check for the non-refundable Travel Application Fee of $50 made payable to U.S. Soccer and separate appropriate MYSA fee.

Submit completed forms to the MYSA office for their review and state certification of U.S. Soccer forms at least 60 days prior to the date of departure. (Applications not received 30 days prior to departure may be denied by U.S. Soccer.) MYSA will forward all documentation to U.S. Soccer for review and approval. Please contact Cam Stoltz at 952-252-0225 (800-366-6972) or with any additional questions.

Approved applications will be sent out by U.S. Soccer.