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Uniforms Questions

Question: View Are sleeveless jerseys allowed?

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Are sleeveless jerseys allowed?
Response: FIFA recently advised the U.S. Soccer Federation that the previously announced decision regarding the elimination of sleeveless jerseys (International Board Decision 1 of Law 4) has been suspended until it can be reviewed. Accordingly, effective immediately and until further notice:

Referees will have no responsibility for determing the legality of jersey sleeves or for enforcing the provision in Law 4 related to jersey sleeves. Referees are directed not to include in their game reports any information regarding the presence, absence, or altered status of jersey sleeves unless required to do so by the rules of competition under which a particular game is being played. The only concern a referee has with respect to the condition of a player's jersey is safety. Referees are, however, expected to enforce all relevant provisions in the Rules of Competition governing a match, meaning, if a state association, organization, league or tournament has a rule regarding jersey sleeves, that rule should be enforced.

While MYSA does not currently have a rule barring sleeveless jerseys from league play, sanctioned tournaments in and outside of Minnesota may have and will enforce their rules regarding sleeveless uniforms. If you have any questions about this or any other Laws of the Game, please contact the SYRA (Quick Links > Contacts > Board of Directors).