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Risk Management

[Updated: 5/02/2016]

RECOGNIZE to RECOVER is U.S. Soccer’s comprehensive player health and safety program aimed at promoting safe play and reducing injuries in soccer players of all ages. CLICK HERE for more information.

MYSA KidSafe Program

Whether at soccer practice, games, or trips back and forth to practice and games, children are sometimes entrusted to the adults who take on an authority role. As a result, the MYSA KidSafe Program was formed to help provide the parents and guardians of children participating in youth soccer in Minnesota a measure of security regarding the adults charged with certain responsibility and oversight for their children. Adult coaches, trainers, volunteers and team managers who do not pass the eligibility guidelines established by the MYSA KidSafe Committee are ineligible to participate any a MYSA activity. We know that the thousands of adult participants in the program appreciate the safeguards that are now in place for over one hundred thousand soccer players in our state. We thank each of you for your support and compliance with this important program.

The MYSA KidSafe Committee, whose responsibility is to address MYSA Risk Management policies and procedures (including the use of criminal background checks and other investigative tools), is made up of volunteers from across the state who are appointed by the Executive Committee. The MYSA KidSafe Committee establishes the guidelines, known as the Background Screening Standards, for eligibility and reviews the background checks on the adult participants. The MYSA KidSafe Committee reserves the right to modify, alter and revise the Background Screening Standards of the participants at any time, without notice to the clubs and associations, particularly because the MYSA KidSafe Committee uses constantly changing local, state and federal law, as well as, the policies and procedures of the United States Youth Soccer Association, Minnesota Youth Soccer Association for guidance in performing its duties. The determinations and decisions of the MYSA KidSafe Committee are final.

You may contact the committee by email by sending a message to