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Office Staff

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association

11577 Encore Circle
Minnetonka, MN 55343
Phone: 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972)
Fax: 952-933-2627
E-mail: mysa@mnyouthsoccer.org

Executive Director

Kent Campbell
Phone: 952-252-1687
Email: kentcampbell@mnyouthsoccer.org

Coaching/Player Development Administrator

Chato Alvarado
Phone: 952-252-1688
E-mail: chatoalvarado@mnyouthsoccer.org

Director of Education

Andy Coutts
Phone: 952-252-0224
E-mail: andycoutts@mnyouthsoccer.org

Director of Coaching & Player Development

John Curtis
Phone: 952-252-1686
E-mail: johncurtis@mnyouthsoccer.org

Manager of Events

Katie Flakne
Phone: 952-252-0227
Email: katieflakne@mnyouthsoccer.org

Website/Technology Manager

Sue Gjerset
Phone: 952-252-1689
E-mail: suegjerset@mnyouthsoccer.org

Program/League Administrator

Joe Golish
Phone: 952-933-2384
E-mail: joegolish@mnyouthsoccer.org

Financial Specialist

Norine Olson
Phone: 952-252-0228
E-mail: norineolson@mnyouthsoccer.org

Director of League Operations

Ranae Orr
Phone: 952-252-0225
E-mail: ranaeorr@mnyouthsoccer.org

Director of Member Services

Ivan Woyno
Phone: 952-252-0226
E-mail: ivanwoyno@mnyouthsoccer.org