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Player Registration

A player must be registered through an MYSA-affiliate club. Players requiring a pass must be registered by the posted deadline according to the current MYSA Calendar.

[Please see Section 1.3 Player Registration of the MYSA Policies/Rules Manual]

Team & Coach Registration

Teams need to be registered through an MYSA-affiliated club. A team can be Recreational, Rec Plus or Competitive. Rec Plus and Competitive teams require player passes. Teams can travel out-of-state to participate in sanctioned tournaments with the appropriate paperwork.

Different competitive teams include:

Maroon = More Experienced
Gold = Less Experienced
Classic 1 = Highly Competitive
Classic 2 = Competitive
Classic 3 = Least Competitive
Premier = Most Competitive
Classic 1 = Highly Competitive
Classic 2 = Competitive
Classic 3* = Least Competitive
*currently not available for U18–U19

A Tournament Only Team is a group of registered players that only participate in tournaments sanctioned by MYSA or US Youth Soccer. They may not participate in any MYSA league play. They do require player passes.

A Tournament Team is a group of registered MYSA competitive players with proper player passes that get together for a specific tournament. Players can come from different clubs. They must submit the proper paperwork and fees to MYSA.

[Please see Section 1.4 Team & Coach Registration of the MYSA Policies/Rules Manual (pdf)]

Risk Management

Any adult that works with youth players must complete the online background check through The McDowell Agency website. No pass will be issued to any adult that does not complete the online process. Please contact your club Registrar for the login and password. CLICK HERE for more information.