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[Updated: 10/13/2016]

Complaint (def)
The complaint process as outlined in MYSA's Hearings & Appeals policies address violations of policies or rules that "may result in the suspension of violator(s) from participation in MYSA, US Youth Soccer, USSF or FIFA authorized or sanctioned activities". In addition, MYSA's Hearings & Appeals policies (see below) state "Complaints that do not allege a rule violation, that are not fully submitted or that deal with on-the-field judgment calls by the referee will not be investigated." The issues outlined in a formal complaint must be alleged violations that could lead to suspension; if not issues of that nature, the complaint is considered a grievance. There is no grievance form that needs to be filled out, a written correspondence will act as the reporting form. All grievances and/or protests in competitive league play are forwarded to the appropriate Competitive Representative and/or Competitive Director for any appropriate action. Any other grievances will be handled by the Executive Director.

Temporary withdrawal of rights and privileges such as, but not limited to: the right to play, coach or otherwise administer or participate (directly or indirectly) in the game of affiliated soccer. Any person or group (team, club, league, Board, etc.) that has been suspended shall be in less than good standing for the entire term of the suspension with all rights and privileges withdrawn unless specifically stated otherwise by the suspending authority. Suspension of Member Clubs, teams, players and officials imposed by this association shall be recognized by all affiliated organizations within USSF after proper notification.

The following have received disciplinary sanctions by MYSA:

Name Club Sanction Time Period
Cameron Beatty 3rd degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Life
Eric Hawkins 1st & 2nd degree Sexual Assault Life
Hai Vu Referee Assault Life