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[Updated: 5/25/2012]

For general information regarding compliance, please refer to Article 2: Membership of the MYSA Bylaws and Sections and of the MYSA Policies and Rules Manual.

In order to renew an Affiliate or Extraterritorial Membership in MYSA, an existing member in good standing with MYSA must submit the following to the MYSA Sate Office by September 1 of each year:

Annual Compliance Check List

  • Affiliate or Extraterritorial Membership fee and application form
  • Proof of any of the following:
  1. Current registration of their corporation with the appropriate state agency MINNESOTA: link to file annual corporate renewal with the Minnesota Secretary of State’ office WISCONSIN: link to file annual report with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions NORTH DAKOTA:link to file annual corporate renewa
  2. Current registration of their parent organization with the appropriate agency and an updated certificate of compliance MINNESOTA: link for determining corporate status of your organization or parent organization to determine status of parent organization NORTH DAKOTA:link to check corporate status of parent organization
  3. Proof of continued government affiliation with updated certificate of compliance
  • Copies of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws if changes have been made in the past year
  • List of fields including street addresses (including zip code) updated on the MYSA website
  • List of current officers and administrators updated on the MYSA website
  • Submission of your club development plan if revised within the past year

Definition of Good Standing

Section of the MYSA Bylaws states the definition of Good Standing as “To remain in good standing, a member of the MYSA must be current in his, her, or its financial obligations to the MYSA and must be in compliance with all other requirements of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and rules of the MYSA and USSF.”

A reminder to all clubs that in order to remain in Good Standing they are required to register all participants per MYSA Bylaws:

2.304 Registration
Each Soccer Year, an Affiliate Member must register with the MYSA: (1) itself; (2) all individuals involved in any manner in its activities; and (3) all teams that are sponsored, financed, coached, trained, administered by or otherwise affiliated with such Affiliate Member. Recreational programs are not required to register individual teams as long as all individuals participating in internal programs or receiving services are registered with the Affiliate Member.

2.405 Registration
Each Soccer Year, an Extraterritorial Member must register with the MYSA, itself and all competitive teams that are sponsored, financed, coached, trained, administered or otherwise affiliated with such Extraterritorial Member for the purpose of participating in the MYSA's competitive leagues.

For further information, contact the MYSA office at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972).