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MYSA $7.00 Basic Player Registration Fee

Club Benefits

Member Clubs of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association receive many direct and indirect benefits:

  • Support of local recreational programs through grants, coaching education and risk management
  • Administration of statewide competitive leagues through scheduling, scores, standings, season-ending tournaments and risk management
  • Secondary medical insurance for players
  • Liability insurance for clubs
  • Grants - goals and field development
  • Sanctioning of tournaments and festivals
  • Adult education for coaches and parents
  • Fundraising opportunities for clubs and teams
  • Resource Center – free educational lending library, consulting, etc.
  • Much, much more

For more information, contact MYSA Director of Member Services Ivan Woyno at or 952-252-0226.

How to Become a Club

If you are interested in forming a new soccer club, below is a list of some of the requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of four teams if seeking competitive status (no minimum for recreation-only clubs)
  • Must be a legal entity registered with the Secretary of State (501(c)(3), LLC, etc.)
  • Must submit Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Must submit written plans for player development, coaching development, referee development and risk management
  • Must have fields secured for practices, games, etc.
  • Additional items

For a complete list of requirements and templates of required documents, contact MYSA Director of Member Services Ivan Woyno at or 952-252-0226.

New to MYSA

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) is the governing body for all of youth soccer in the state of Minnesota. We have over 70,000 youth soccer players representing approximately 55,000 households. Of the 55 state associations affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (national service organization), Minnesota Youth Soccer is ranked 15th for its number of players. Minnesota Youth Soccer is a direct member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, which is the national governing body for all soccer in the United States.

If you are looking to join a soccer club, click on “Clubs” listed under Quick Links for an alphabetical listing of the soccer clubs in Minnesota (approximately 140 clubs). Then, click on the club’s three-digit code for information about that club’s contacts, teams, fields and website. If you would like specific information about Minnesota Youth Soccer leagues, programs and activities, contact the state office at or 952-933-2384.

New to Soccer

Most soccer clubs in Minnesota offer programming for children beginning at the age of five or six years of age, but a few soccer clubs offer programming for children as young as three or four years of age. In Minnesota, and many other states, soccer programming is considered developmental through the age of 10, so the focus is largely on activities and/or games aimed at teaching the young player the basic skills of soccer and to love the game. Starting at the age of 11, the focus is about further developing the player’s skills and teaching the technical and tactical competitive aspects of the game.

For a simple, but comprehensive, view of youth soccer, check out Minnesota Youth Soccer’s easy-to-follow Soccer 4-1-1.