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Hall of Fame

MYSA Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Mission Statement:
The mission of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association Hall of Fame is to embrace the history, honor the contributors and inspire the youth through preservation of the sport of soccer in Minnesota.

Hall of Fame Criteria:

  • What was the candidate’s involvement in soccer?
  • How did the candidate’s actions/involvement impact soccer in Minnesota?
  • Were there national or international implications of these actions?
  • How many years of service to MYSA?
  • How many years of service to soccer in Minnesota?
  • How many years of service to soccer at the national or international level?

Categories: Players, Coaches, Administrators and Referees

Hall of Fame Election Process:
The MYSA Hall of Fame Committee will present its list of candidates to the MYSA Board of Directors who will determine the final candidate(s). The winner(s) will be announced at the MYSA Annual Recognition Banquet held the first Saturday in November of each year.

Current Hall of Fame Inductees:

Abboud, Charles (2009)
Bazakos, Mike (2008)
Bazakos, Toni (2008)
Beggin, Glenn (2006)
Beggin, Paul (2006)
Engstrom, Bob (2006)
Erhard, Lee (2010)
Enriquez, Dario (2015)

Finstad, Angie (2006)
Froslid, Ken (2006)
Kish, Cheryl (2009)
Johnson, Phil (2013)
Lagos, Buzz (2007)
Mansour, Fuad (2006)
Merrick, Alan (2007)
Minnesota Kicks (2007)

Moran, John (2012)
Portesan, Marian (1996)
Portesan, Sergio (1996)
St. Paul Soccer Club (2011)
Sandberg, Jan (2014)
Singer, Ellie (2013)
Tudor, John (2012)
Warter, Mike (2007)

Hall of Fame members are listed by the year of their induction.

Marian Portesan (1996)

Charter member. Marian's bio coming soon. Please check back.

Sergio Portesan (1996)

Charter member. Sergio's bio coming soon. Please check back.

Glenn Beggin (2006)

Glenn is one of the co-founders of MYSA. In 1969, Glenn and his twin brother, Paul, founded the Minnesota Juniors Soccer Association, which was later renamed the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association. He served as MYSA's first president from 1969 until 1977. Glenn was also one of the founding board members of the US Youth Soccer Association in 1975. He was responsible for starting a number of soccer clubs in the northern suburbs and coached for many years. Glenn is the recipient of numerous soccer awards, the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League Hall of Fame and the Minnesota High School Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame, to name a few.

Paul Beggin (2006)

Paul, along with his brother Glenn, co-founded MYSA in 1969. He served as MYSA's first vice president from 1969 until 1977. Paul has been an active member of the USA Cup Committee and the National Sports Center Foundation Board for 20 years. He also was instrumental in starting a number of soccer clubs and has coached and officiated for many years. Paul signed up the first all-girls team in Minnesota! Paul is the recipient of many soccer awards, including the Sons of Norway International Founders Award, the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League Hall of Fame and the Minnesota High School Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Bob Engstrom (2006)

Bob was responsible for forming and coaching the first youth soccer team in the city of Minneapolis in 1972. He also started the Minneapolis KPAC boys and girls teams in 1973. Bob served as the MYSA Southwest Regional Director and a MYSA Board Member from 1974 until 1988. He also assisted in the formation of the Minnesota Thunder in 1990 and he has been a board member of Minnesota Thunder PLUS since 1992. Bob has coached and officiated many soccer games over the years and was responsible for supplying the artwork for MYSA Manuals and Annual Reports in the past.

Angie Finstad (2006)

Angie served as the MYSA South Girls Director from 1981 until 1987, during which time girls soccer quadrupled in size. She played a critical role in growing girls soccer in the state of Minnesota. Angie was the Burnsville Girls' Commissioner from 1980 until 1984 and was the first steering committee member of the Sons of Norway USA Cup in 1985. Angie, along with Mike Warter, started the SOTA Girls Soccer Club. She also assisted in creating new districts in the Western suburbs and the St. Paul area.

Ken Froslid (2006)

Ken's work with the Minnesota Legislature helped to bring about many changes and improvements for soccer in the state. He was a founding member of the USA Cup Committee and founded the Arden Hills Soccer Club. Ken started the Minnesota Soccer Times and was responsible for developing internal and external communication plans for the association. He also launched a media relations plan; first on the local level, and later on a national level. Ken was responsible for implementing different computer programs and was instrumental in MYSA's first attempt to automate statewide registration.

Fuad Mansour (2006)

Fuad first began demonstrating soccer in Rochester's elementary schools in 1970, and then at the request of Rochester's youth hockey director, he began teaching soccer skills in 1973 to hockey players in their off-season. In 1975, Fuad founded the Rochester Youth Soccer Association, which today is MYSA's largest soccer club. During his lifetime, Fuad coached and officiated many, many soccer games. He was named to the Rochester Youth Soccer Association Hall of Fame in 2005.

Buzz Lagos (2007)

Buzz began his long-time soccer coaching career as a youth soccer coach. He coached the SPA Soccer Team during their powerhouse years in the 1980's and currently coaches youth soccer players at the Higher Ground Academy in St. Paul. Buzz was the head coach of the Minnesota Thunder until 2005 and coached the Minnesota Thunder to four A-league Championship matches in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003—winning the Championship match in 1999. Most recently, Buzz was the 2007 recipient of the US Youth Soccer Region II Ron Wigg Award.

Alan Merrick (2007)

Alan is currently director of soccer development at the National Sports Center in Blaine. He is also the head coach for the University of Minnesota Men's Soccer Club and a coach at the National Sports Center Soccer Academy. Alan was head coach of the Minnesota Strikers for four years and was named Soccer Digest's MISL Coach of the Year twice. Alan was a very accomplished professional soccer player for 17 years; playing in England, Canada and the United States.

Mike Warter (2007)

Mike was a true pioneer for women's soccer in Minnesota. He founded Minnesota's first elite women's soccer team–SOTA United, which produced several NCAA Division I athletes. Mike was the University of Minnesota Women's Club Coach for nine years. During his tenure there, Mike led the women to two National Club Championships and five Big Ten Tournament Championships. He was a girl's Olympic Development Program coach and former head coach of Eagan Girls' Soccer Team. Mike passed away in 2000 but his award was accepted by his family members.

Minnesota Kicks (2007)

The Minnesota Kicks organization was honored for heightening awareness for a sport that was considered "foreign" to Minnesota. The Kicks were in existence from 1976–1981 and were members of the North American Soccer League (NASL). This league was the longest-running and most successful professional soccer league in US history to date. The Kicks overall average attendance was 24,381 in their six years of existence. The Minnesota Kicks brought awareness of the sport of soccer to Minnesota and fueled the fire for future generations.

Photo Caption: Former players and members of the organization that were in attendance were (left to right) Alan Merrick, Tony Pezneker, Barb Goerges, Steve Litt, Gary Smith and Stewart Jump

Mike Bazakos (2008)

Mike is currently a National Assessor, National Emeritus Referee and State Instructor. He has had a very successful referee career - referee since 1974, State Instructor from 1982 to present, Minnesota State Referee Administrator and State Youth Referee Administrator from 1982 to 1996, National USSF Referee from 1984 to 1991, National Assessor from 1991 to present, National Emeritus Referee from 1992 to present, State Director of Assessment from 2000 to 2004, USSF Assignor, Assignor Instructor and USSF Life Member of the Referee Program since 2000. Mike's referee assignments have included youth, amateur and professional games throughout the state, nation and internationally. He has officiated youth league games and tournaments in Minnesota, games and tournaments in other states, and national team games including Canada, Colombia, England, Norway, Poland and the USA.

Toni Bazakos (2008)

Toni first became involved in Minnesota's referee program in 1982 when she began supporting the Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC) office. Her accomplishments in the referee community include serving as the SRC Office Manager for many years, referee administrator for the St. Paul Blackhawks Soccer Club from 1990 to 1998 and SRC Administrator from 2002 to 2005. Toni also has a long and successful history as a referee assignor in the state. She has served as an assignor for many MYSA clubs, the MYSA Summer State Tournament, the Minnesota Thunder and a number of high schools.

Charles Abboud (2009)

Dr. Abboud was instrumental in starting youth soccer in the area of Rochester, Minn. He served as the first President of the Rochester Youth Soccer Association, which is now one of MYSA's largest clubs. Dr. Abboud was also a volunteer youth soccer coach for many years and was considered to be an excellent role model for the players. He was often described as being a polite, considerate gentleman; someone the youth soccer players all looked up to and respected. More recently, Dr. Abboud worked with others in the Rochester area to help bring the Rochester Thunder team to the community. The Rochester Thunder team completed its first season this past summer and play in the United Soccer League's Premier Development League's Central Conference, in the Heartland Division.

Cheryl Kish (2009)

Cheryl served as a leader of youth soccer in Minnesota in various capacities for more than 24 years. She was instrumental in developing the Coon Rapids Soccer Association, which now serves more than 600 youth soccer players. Cheryl served in many different volunteer roles with the Coon Rapids soccer club and in the North District. She also served in various volunteer positions on MYSA committees and on the MYSA Board of Directors; most notably, as the Vice President of League Operations for many years.

Lee Erhard (2010)

Lee served as a leader of youth soccer in Minnesota in various capacities for about 20 years and was very involved in growing recreational soccer in the state. He was MYSA's first-ever Recreational Director and was instrumental in bringing the US Youth Soccer Kohl's American Cup to Minnesota. Mr. Erhard served in various volunteer positions on the MYSA Board of Directors and on MYSA committees. In addition, he helped out at the MYSA state office, assisted with the MYSA Soccer Fairs and served as a volunteer field marshal at many tournaments.

St. Paul Soccer Club (2011)

The St. Paul Soccer Club was founded in St. Paul, Minn. in April of 1952. The Club's main goals were to form a soccer team and to raise the awareness of soccer in the state of Minnesota. The St. Paul Soccer Club worked hard to get media coverage via the St. Paul Pioneer Press and formed not just one team, but two teams – the Blackhawks and the Falcons. Over the years, the Club held countless fundraisers and the teams played many, many games and tournaments. Past and present St. Paul Soccer Club members dedicated numerous volunteer hours, knowledge and expertise to help grow the sport of soccer in Minnesota. In addition, the St. Paul Soccer Club has had a long history of generosity and has donated money to many different soccer clubs as well as other organizations, such as Paralympics. Recently, the St. Paul Soccer Club made the decision to donate $50,000 to MYSA and $25,000 to Tribute to the Troops and $25,000 to the St. Paul Children's Hospital.

John Moran (2012)

Mr. Moran has a long history with soccer in Minnesota. He first started coaching with the Minnesota Junior Soccer Association (now the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association) back in 1977 for a U14 boys' team. In 1980, Moran helped form the Bloomington Junior Soccer Club and write their bylaws. In 1981, he helped create a computerized system for registration of players and provided instruction to club registrars. During much of the 1980's, Moran served as the South District Director (now called District Competitive Rep.) and he was the league scheduler for the South District. From 1988-1992, Moran was the Executive Director of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association and in the 1990's, he helped form the Minnesota Youth Soccer Compliance Committee. In addition, Moran was a USSF-certified referee and refereed both club soccer and high school soccer from 1978-2004. Mr. Moran has contributed countless hours to the sport of soccer in Minnesota over the years. His knowledge, expertise and passion for soccer were crucial for growing the game in the state of Minnesota.

John Tudor (2012)

Mr. Tudor's soccer experience covers many aspects of the game. He was a professional player in Europe from 1964-1983. Tudor played for Coventry City FC, Sheffield United FC, Newcastle United AFC, Stoke City FC, KAA Ghent FC Belgium, North Shields AFC and Gateshead FC. In 1979, Tudor began coaching soccer and he still coaches today. He holds many coaching licenses, some of which include the UEFA "A" conversion course, USSF "A" License, USSF "Y" module course and the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma course. Over the years, Tudor has worked for the North Shields AFC Northern Premier League, Gateshead Football Club, Football Association for the county of Derbyshire in the United Kingdom, Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, Tonka United Soccer Association, Chan-Chaska United Soccer Club, Minnesota Thunder "A" League Soccer Club, Minnetonka High School and Holy Family Catholic High School. Mr. Tudor is very well known and highly respected in the Minnesota soccer community. His love for the game of soccer and the joy he gets from working with young soccer players is obvious every time he steps on the field and is a privilege to watch.

Phil Johnson (2013)

Phil has a long history with both youth club and high school soccer in Minnesota. He coached youth club soccer at the Hudson Soccer Club, St. Croix Soccer Club, St. Croix Valley Athletic Association and the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program for Minnesota Youth Soccer. Phil coached high school soccer at Stillwater for 36 years, with 32 of those as the Stillwater Boys’ Head Coach. He holds many coaching licenses, some of which include the USSF “B” License, USSF Youth License, NSCAA High School Diploma and the NSCAA Goalkeeping Diplomas I & II. In addition, Phil has been a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) for 25 years and a member of the Minnesota State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA) for more than 30 years. Phil was a teacher at Stillwater Area Schools for 32 years, until he retired in 2007.

Ellie Singer (2013)

Ellie’s broad soccer experience includes multiple administrative roles at the state, regional and national levels. She served at the state level as Minnesota Youth Soccer’s President for six years and Vice President of Development for two years. At the regional level, Ellie served as the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Administrator for five years. And at the national level, she served as the US Youth Soccer Vice President for two years and as the Youth Representative to the US Soccer Federation for two years. In addition, Ellie has served on numerous committees for Minnesota Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer and the U.S. Soccer Federation, and she currently serves on the U.S. Soccer Foundation Grants Committee. Over the years, she also has been a very active volunteer for numerous soccer and community events, and she was a referee for 11 years. Ellie is currently retired.

Jan Sandberg (2014)

Like many volunteers, Mrs. Sandberg began her career in soccer as a parent supporting her daughter’s team. Coaching was beyond her skill set, but she had some administrative skills that she could put to use. Mrs. Sandberg served as a board member and tournament director for the Bloomington Junior Soccer Club. After a few years, she was encouraged to fill a vacancy for the MYSA South Girls District Director and later served as the MYSA Tournament Director. Finally, Mrs. Sandberg served as MYSA President from 1998-2000. She was privileged to witness and participate in the boom in youth soccer during the 1990s and the stress that growth brings. As President of MYSA, Mrs. Sandberg faced many issues (some of which continue today) including how to balance competitive vs. rec needs, accommodating premier teams, competing soccer interests, playing field conditions and concerns about concussions. Mrs. Sandberg retired from the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor in 2007 at the same time her husband, Dick, chose to take early retirement from his engineering career at Thermoking. She is currently a full-time volunteer as vice-chair of the Minneapolis Charter Commission and member of three nonprofit boards in northern Minnesota addressing environmental issues. Her daughter, a veterinary ophthalmologist, lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her New Zealander husband, Mike, who is a veterinary surgeon. Mrs. Sandberg and her husband currently reside in Minneapolis.

Dario Enriquez (2015)

Dario Enriquez was instrumental in the development of soccer in the state of Minnesota in several ways. He arranged, supervised, and led clinics for coaches and players in the west metro area; traveled around the state to demonstrate the sport and show young people and their community leaders how to play the game; and assisted with the State Select Team Program (precursor to ODP) from 1975–1985.

Dario spent his weekend’s visiting any town that showed interest in beginning a program for their children. When the State Select Program started, Dario served as an assistant coach each summer to help develop the talent of high school players. Notable players that he coached in this program were: Gregg Thompson (our first Olympic player and NASL Rookie of the Year), Terry Leindecker (a goalkeeper with the Kicks), Todd Zoschke (now with the Blaine Soccer Club), many of the players on the original Minnesota Thunder soccer teams, and many college soccer players. His enthusiasm and attention to detail led several of these players to go on as coaches and soccer organization leaders themselves.