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MYSA Referees

Minnesota State Referee Committee(SRC)

The Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC) is responsible for certifying and re-certifying referees and referee assignors in Minnesota, and for the development of instructors and assessors in Minnesota. A portion of the registration fee paid by each referee is used by the Minnesota SRC to recruit, retain and develop referees, instructors and assessors.

The main communication vehicle used by the Minnesota SRC is its website: This website lists instructions on how referees and referee assignors can become certified (or re-certified) and provides many valuable resources for referees, referee assignors, referee instructors and referee assessors.

State Referee Committee Office
2660 Matilda St
Roseville MN 55113

State Referee Administrator (SRA):
Paula Hildman

State Director of Instruction (SDI):
Doug Marshak

State Assignor Coordinator (SAC):
Jim Engelking

State Director of Assessment (SDA)
Bob Petersen

State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA)
Jon Cooksey

MSA Representative (Adult Leagues)
Artem Sher

Survey Results for Referee, Assignor and Mentor Fees

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) conducts a survey every two to three years of its member clubs’ referee, referee assignor and referee mentor fees. This survey is conducted so that MYSA’s member clubs can determine how their fees compare with those of other member clubs. MYSA keeps individual survey responses anonymous and the survey results list participating clubs by District and include comparisons of fees paid, method of payment, frequency of payment and other information. MYSA hopes you will find the data from these surveys helpful.  

Note: Each member club sets its own fees for referees, referee assignors and referee mentors. MYSA does not mandate, recommend or endorse these fees.