General Procedures

1. Information gathering:

  1. The MYSA background check process will be posted on the MYSA website and can be provided directly upon request. The individuals listed in the Applicability Section above must complete the MYSA background check upon initial involvement and every year thereafter.
  2. Background checks will be conducted under the auspices of the MYSA authorized background check provider.
  3. All information is to be held in strictest confidentiality.

2. Notification:

  1. All notification must be conducted in writing and delivered by certified mail. If the MYSA State Risk Manager or MYSA Executive Director determines that a person should be excluded from participation in MYSA programs, a request for their resignation (within ten days of receipt of the letter) shall be included.
  2. All involved parties must be notified of any findings resulting in discipline.
  3. Information regarding the appeals process must be made available, in writing, at the time of notification of decision.

3. Appeals Process:

  1. Either party in a complaint may appeal the decision rendered by the MYSA State Risk Manager. This does not apply to a person that has never been affiliated with MYSA or its Member Clubs or to a person that has been disqualified for failure to successfully pass the MYSA background check.
  2. Appeals will follow the MYSA / US Soccer Federation guidelines. Please refer to the MYSA / US Soccer Federation policies for appeals procedures.

4. Failure to Comply:

  1. If a Member Club does not identify a Risk Manager, the roles and responsibilities of that position will fall to the Member Club President or Executive Officer.
  2. If a Member Club allows a person to continue to participate after information indicates that individual should be excluded, that Member Club will be in violation of the Risk Management Guidelines and Policies and liable to disciplinary action from MYSA. Failure to comply may place the Member Club in bad standing with MYSA and may also be subject to sanctions.