[Updated: 10/29/2015]

District Select Registration

Cost: $100

Registration includes two tryout shirts. If you sign up for the fall program, you are automatically registered for the Spring Festival. Questions may be directed to Chato Alvarado at 952-252-1688 or 800-366-6972.

For players who cannot participate in the District Select program this fall due to high school soccer, there will be an identification session held on Saturday May 7, 2016, during the Spring Festival at the time and location stated below.


Festivals Date Time Location
Spring Sat, May 7, 2016 Boys: 9:00 am–12 noon
Girls: 1:00–4:00 pm

Yearly Calendar

September 2015 Fall District Select Training: 2002–2004 Age Groups
October 3, 2015 Fall District Select Festival: 2002–2004 Age Groups
April 2016 ODP Identifications: 1999–2001 Age Groups
May 7, 2016 Spring District Select Festival: 2002–2004 Age Groups
May/June 2016 Outdoor Training: 1999–2004 State Pools
June 2016 ODP Weekend: 1999–2004 State Pools
July 2016 ODP ID Camp and Development Camp