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Invitational Tournament, Festival and Jamboree Planning for 2017

If your club needs new equipment, wants to offer more financial aid to players or wants to pay for coaches to obtain new training, the Board of Directors sits down and starts brainstorming: “Where do we get the money? There are all kinds of fundraisers out there, what would work best for our club?” Someone suggests, “Why not go with what we do best, soccer? How about if we host a tournament?”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You already have teams, coaches, fields, everything you need, right? Think again.

Hosting a tournament is not simply an expansion of what you already do as a club. It requires a highly-motivated group of volunteers to run the tournament, along with resources such as helpers to work during the tournament, top-quality fields and knowledgeable referees. It takes months to lay the groundwork for a successful tournament, and both the Board of Directors and the tournament volunteers must be committed to success before the decision is made to host one. Another factor that enters into the decision is the short length of summer tournament season in Minnesota. In 2016, there will have been 49 tournaments hosted by Minnesota Youth Soccer clubs and other organizations in the time period between April and October.

All this being said, there are clubs who do host successful tournaments year after year. How do they do it? Basically, they are committed to giving the teams participating in their event the best possible experience so that they and other teams from their club will want to return the next year. Sometimes they have to be unconventional, and offer some experiences in conjunction with their tournament that will make it unique, and stand out from all of the others. Other clubs have started hosting tournaments at non-peak tournament times, such as before the fall season starts.

After the Board has voted to host a tournament (recorded in the meeting minutes), the work begins. The first step is to apply for sanctioning through Minnesota Youth Soccer. There are several important deadlines that need to be met for hosting tournaments in the calendar year for 2017. They are as follows:

10/10/2016 Mandatory identification of invitational tournaments due by 5:00 pm at the MYSA state office
10/27/2016 Mandatory Invitational Tournament/Festival/Jamboree Directors meeting 6:30–9:00 pm
at the MYSA office.
11/11/2016 International & National Invitational Tournament Sanction applications due by 5:00 pm
at the MYSA office (NO EXCEPTIONS).
12/02/2016 MYSA-only Invitational Tournament/Festival/Jamboree Sanctioning applications due by
5:00 pm at the MYSA office (NO EXCEPTIONS).
TBD All Indoor Tournament Sanctioning applications due by 5:00 pm at the MYSA state office

2016–2017 MYSA Tournament Sanctioning Fees

International - $500.00 (U.S. Soccer Federation fees also apply.)

National - $400.00

MYSA-only - $300.00

Festival/Jamboree - $125.00

Organizations must be in good standing with Minnesota Youth Soccer before they will be considered for sanctioning. Also, if you hosted a tournament, festival or jamboree in 2016, all of the post-tournament reports must be filed with the Minnesota Youth Soccer state office in a timely manner before you will be considered for 2017. This includes the referee report with the list of referees and the games they officiated. Questions may be directed to Katie Pliss, MYSA Administrative Assistant, at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972) or

Post Tournament Report

In an effort to help automate the tournament reporting process, MYSA has created typeable pdfs that can be submitted electronically. The report has been broken down into four (4) parts:

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Pliss at 952-933-2384 (800-366-6972) or