To find a Minnesota tournament, you simply go to:, click on “Find a Tournament,” select “Minnesota” in the drop down box and click on “Search.”

DO NOT use this site to apply for your MYSA Travel Notification.

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and ten other states in Region II have teamed up to offer its members a better website for posting and advertising sanctioned tournaments. Based on past survey results and unsolicited feedback, MYSA tournament directors and members have been asking for greater exposure for tournaments in Minnesota and easier access to tournaments held in other states; the new website, “The Tournament Center,” does both, plus more. The Tournament Center will list all sanctioned tournaments in Minnesota, as well as those sanctioned in several other states within Region II.

Tournament Directors will use this site to notify MYSA of its Intent to Host, for submitting sanctioning documents, submitting payment and more. This will make the sanctioning process easier and quicker for all MYSA clubs hosting tournaments. In addition, your information will be saved from year-to-year so you do not have to start from scratch each time.

Tournaments are sanctioned as International (may include foreign teams), National (may include USA teams not affiliated with MYSA) or MYSA-Only (include only teams affiliated with MYSA). Some tournaments may be offering two (2) weekends; this is not a mistake in posting! Each weekend will have specific requirements for participation as to age group/gender/division of play. Check the website for each date. If you find errors, the best way to request corrections is by contacting the tournament's director rather than MYSA staff or officers. Coaches should review the advertised tournament dates and reschedule league games that might conflict as soon as league schedules are available. Failure to reschedule league games will result in a forfeit.