[Updated: 1/05/2016]

Making Soccer Available to Every Child in Every Community

It is the desire of Minnesota Youth Soccer Association to make soccer available to every child in the state. In order to work towards this goal, MYSA has adopted the Soccer Start program as developed by US Youth Soccer.

Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in under-served communities, Soccer Start provides soccer training and administrative guidance to players and organizations who might otherwise not be exposed to the sport. Soccer Start also helps new programs find the funding and equipment to begin and then to expand their activities.

The Goals of Soccer Start are:

  1. To reach out to children in under-served and socio-economically disadvantaged places in order to offer them an on-going program of positive sports activities through soccer;
  2. To increase participants self-esteem through participation in an organized and supportive program of team activities;
  3. To build positive social and life skills;
  4. To provide important exercise and increased awareness of one's own health through sports;
  5. To provide the players with positive, cooperative and enjoyable after school and spare time activities.

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association recognizes that many areas of the state are under-served by existing clubs and leagues in the sport of soccer. In order to support the development of soccer in these areas. MYSA has budgeted monies and equipment along with administrative support to assist these Soccer Start programs.

If you believe that your community may qualify for identification as a Soccer Start program, please contact Ivan Woyno, MYSA Director of Member Services, at 952-252-0226 (800-366-6972) or ivanwoyno@mnyouthsoccer.org.