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Course Information

MYSA Technical Certificate Course

MYSA Youth "Y" Module—4 hours per module (no prerequisite)

MYSA Video Mentor Program (complimentary)

A development opportunity for MYSA coaches in addition to what their club or coaching education courses offer. [Overview]

National Youth Course

The National Youth Course, a US Youth Soccer course administered by Minnesota Youth Soccer, focuses upon the nature of children and then adjustments adults must make to coach them. The course curriculum covers the ages of 4–12 years old. Candidates must be 18 years old and hold a National “E” License or have the approval of the State Director of Coaching. For an overview, calendar of courses and required reading, please visit:

National "F" License—Online Course (no prerequisite)

National "E" License

Updates coming in 2018.

National "D" License

Updates coming in 2018.

St. Paul Soccer Club Grant

MYSA has designated $5,000 annually through a donation from the St. Paul Soccer Club for the purpose of encouraging coaches to attend “E” and “D” coaching courses. At the request of SPSC, $2,500 is prioritized for MYSA-affiliated club coaches in St. Paul and surrounding communities (Clubs: BHK, ESD, IGH, MNT, NES, NSS, SAS, SYE, SSP, SPU) and the other $2,500 statewide.

Rebates of $50 will be automatically sent on a first come-first served basis to coaches upon successfully completing a course. This process continues until current year funds are depleted.

MYSA Coaching School Club Credit Program

MYSA-affiliated clubs will receive a 10% credit on coaching school tuition if they have 10 or more coaches complete a specific “E” course, or 5 or more complete a specific “D” course. A credit of 10% of each coach’s tuition is applied to the club’s MYSA account after the course. Coaches are responsible for identifying their club affiliation upon registration.